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Chocolate Brownies with Raspberry Recipe

15 Apr Chocolate brownies with raspberry

Gooey, soft, dark, rich, slightly chewy chocolate loveliness – hmmm brownies.

BBC Good Food Magazine featured brownies on the front cover, James Martin whipped some up on Saturday Kitchen – brownies were definitely calling.

“Why didn’t I try these before!”

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Tips and advice on ‘how to bake’ red onion and rosemary focaccia recipe

5 Apr LaGhosh Red Onion and Rosemary Focaccia recipe

Recently I have been outfoxed by focaccia.  Enthusiastically I set my sights on creating the salty, doughy, Mediterranean bread but round one went badly.

It resembled concrete in weight, consistency and flavour – olive oil and balsamic could not salvage the disastrous attempt.

Frustration took me to forums where I have been on an educational foccacia making journey and I now understand there are oodles of reasons for poor results.  Many stem from having the instincts to know if your dough is ready and so here are two great tests I picked up to try whilst baking any breads:

“Knowing when you have kneaded enough”

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