Recipe Review: Virgin Cooks

14 May

Mushroom Ravioli with a white wine, spinach and tarragon cream sauce

As a newbie to the world of cooking – I needed all the help I could get when venturing into the world of ‘ravioli,’-  It turned out to be a sympathetic recipe for the new cook

Number one spot in the search results was the BBC 3’s ‘Virgin Cooks’ recipe for mushroom ravioli.  It seemed a goer; the premise of the the programme was to ‘challenge non-cooking households to have a go.’ The step by step guide accompanied by a video to ease the novice cook into Italian cooking made it all feel comfortable – it sounded like the right level for me. Continue reading


Pasta Making – Things Recipes Don’t Tell You

8 May Drying pasta takes up space

5 simple learnings from a novice cook’s attempt at making fresh pasta.

My neighbour is recreating ‘Come Dine With Me’ with her friends, the result of which was the purchase of a shiny new pasta making machine.  Inclement weather and not having any particular plans brought me to the decision to attempt to make ‘fresh pasta.’

Wanted to share some experiences which were not referenced in the recipes reviewed, there are things you could do with knowing embarking on the pasta journey. Continue reading

Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter from ThinkGeek

29 Sep

Space… the final frontier – in pizza slicing at least – my inner geek would quite like one; it would make a great laghosh stocking filler.

Amazing things in little packages

22 Sep

The amount of patience needed for this is amazing.

‘Not a catchy title’

25 Nov

Creative crafts – Floristry Level One; thought i might give it a go!

September is the month where you can peruse the various brochures and websites of colleges and schools to see what you can do every Wednesday night from 7 – 9 for the next 30 weeks. Continue reading

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