Hello & Welcome

Little bit about me

Am a fun loving individual looking for new things to learn.  I treat the weekends as times to experiment with food, drink, gardening, vegetable growing, shopping, interior design – am just looking for a lovely time and lovely things.

Asha Ghosh


Passion for gardening – ‘My first veggie patch’ started in 2011 with ‘crops in pots’ a project to keep my Dad occupied after having operations to his knee – he became fairly immobile, I wanted to give him something to occupy his time whilst he recovered.    In general the activity was a success, obviously there were learnings and I wanted to step up the operation and create a small veggie patch – that is now the 2012 & beyond.

Passion for food again is born from my Dad, he is an avid cook and can whip up a curry in a hurry.  Watching him over the years has rubbed off on me and now when I have a spare few hours you will find me thinking, tinkering or consuming food.

Passion for drinks is something that had developed over the years and my other half is a dab hand at cocktails which at some point I hope to share too.

Hope to bring my personality to the pages and with that a knowing smile from you the readers.

Thanks for stopping by 😉


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