‘Not a catchy title’

25 Nov

Creative crafts – Floristry Level One; thought i might give it a go!

September is the month where you can peruse the various brochures and websites of colleges and schools to see what you can do every Wednesday night from 7 – 9 for the next 30 weeks.

Last year I was sold on ‘Ayurveda’ an ‘Indian philosophy to life,’ the title instantly caught my attention.  The thousands of years old tradition looked at how to balance the body holistically; I experienced true enlightenment; body type, vata (which technically means I am ‘full of air’ therefore eating dried fruit is a no-no – so take that health food people!).

Prior to this Yoga has been a massive part of my life for over 10 years, the 90’s made it fashionable and over the past decade the practice has evolved into a very established past time in sophisticated environments.

Now  ‘dress making,’ was something that I did have a go at for a couple of years and it turned out to be more than the course title – no party frocks in sight.   However I have recently rediscovered a jacket that has one arm tacked in, a skirt with no zip and a shirt with no collars or cuffs – may need to re-discover the sewing machine!

So what did I enrole on this year?

Searching through Hotcourses, a great resource for all full part-time courses, I found that to do anything alternate therapy would mean a) giving up work and going full time – which was a bit extreme or b) going to do a year of anatomy before getting to do any massage, aromatherapy or reflexology – ur dull! So opted for c) other – please look for something else.

My search criteria: ‘Horticulture’

Results: Gardening, garden design, sugar craft flowers (it kept popping up even through technically the word ‘sugar’ gives it away) and floristry, well actually ‘Creative crafts Floristry Level One.’  Now if the title didn’t put you off the course description would:

This course is for participants those wishing to gain basic skills in floristry and flower arranging. It enables them to explore materials and equipment to develop their basic floristry skills, develop creative ideas, produce and evaluate floral arrangements in line with health and safety procedures.

Am sure that that description is the barrier to some to explore floristry / flower arranging.  Am now on week five and am loving it but did have to take a bit of a leap of faith, as anything that mentions H&S as a sales line is not something I would normally go near.  My thoughts on possible descriptions are:

  • Enlightening information into the world of flowers
  • Uncover the traditional meansing of flower combinations
  • Explore your inner creativity and discover what you can create with simply leaves and a couple of pine cones
  • Banish the conservative nature of colour combinations as clashing can be good

The only thing I wish they did warn me of was the financial commitment needed each week – flowers and all accoutrements are not cheap, but if anyone can point me in the right direction for some good places online am willing to listen!


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